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A few minutes from Tahiti, Moorea is an unmissable spot for visitors.You can find all the landscapes of the archipelagos gathered together on a single island with the mountainous side of the Society Islands and the beach side of Tuamotu.


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Moorea is located 18km from Tahiti. It is a small island with a circumference of 60km and you can go round it in 1 hour (by car). Inland the island is full of tropical vegetation. The famous Cook and Opunohu bays frame Mount Rotui where the island’s flavoursome and delicious pineapples are cultivated. The view from Belvédère is extraordinary with the two bays on each side. The white sandy beaches are every bit as beautiful as in your dreams.

But even more than the view, what will strike you is the serenity of this place and the pleasantness of the people. The earth, sky and ocean seem to be suspended.

Easy access with the «Aremiti» shuttle boat (www.aremiti.net), with trips lasting around mins or by plane with Air Tahiti (www.airtahiti.pf) with flights lasting only fifteen minutes, Moorea remains a marvellous place where you can get away even for just a weekend to escape the stress of daily life and find refuge in its tranquillity and simplicity.

Moreover, the island has lost none of its authenticity: wild, preserved and full of charm. Rich in legends.

Rich also in water sport activities with snorkelling or air bottle diving, kite surfing, surfing, boat trips, jet skiing, kayaking and pedalo boating. Land activities such as hiking, 4×4 safari, quad biking, horse riding and simply cycling are also available.


Moorea has a very clement tropical climate: cradled by the trade winds, the annual temperatures vary little. It is never too hot or too cold and the seasons are so similar to each other that you end up forgetting which month it is.

The average temperature, depending on the season, varies between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius (8/0 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit). It is never too difficult to go into the water of the lagoon, with an average temperature of between 25 and 28°C.

Between November and March, the climate is hot and humid with frequent rains in the months of January and February. This is tropical rain which often looks like “strong showers”, but which rarely lasts for more than 20 to 30 minutes. The humidity of the air is in the region of 94%.

The driest and “coolest” season lasts from April to October (“cool” if you like as the minimum never drops below 20°C)

The Humidity of the air is in the region of 50%.

However, the start of each of these seasons varies substantially from one year to the next. It is therefore not unusual to encounter rain at the start of October or to find that it only rains on three days over the whole of the month of March.

Good to know: The Humpback whale frequents our Polynesian waters from July to November. A show of jumping and blowing is visible from the Villas. Moments of magic and humility.

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